Wombcare is currently working on several research initiatives to address the reproductive health concerns of communities of colour and provide sustainable programs within our healthcare system in Ontario, Canada.

WOMB Health Research Project

The WOMB (Black Cis-Women and Trans-peOple with reproductive issues facing Marginalization, systemic Barriers and racism) health research project will convene diverse groups of Black people (i.e. Black Francophones, Afro-Caribbean, Black Canadian, and Indigenous African) with common reproductive health issues (i.e. uterine fibroids and endometriosis) to discuss the barriers in accessing care that meets their needs. Black people with this shared experience are often disconnected due to shame, isolation, marginalization, lack of community supports and access to culturally competent healthcare providers. This project will engage Black people across the Greater Toronto Area in community meetings (virtually and in-person) to develop a plan of inclusive reproductive health programs and services to further improve their health.



• Partnered with key physicians leads at McMaster Health Sciences and Mount Sinai hospital

• Recuited a research assistant for clinical guidelines and grant proposals

• Partnered with Black Health Alliance


• Created draft for Reproductive Health Guideline for Black Women across Canada

• Developed an external committee of key physicians, researcher and allied health professionals to provide expertise for clinical guidelines


• Partnered with Black Physicans Association of Ontario

• Recruited Director of Integration & Sustainability

• Developed Black Womb Health (BWH) research project to investigate the experiences of Black women with uterine fibroids and endometriosis

• Developed phase 1 of grant proposal for funding



• Completion of BWH grant proposal

• Submit grant proposal

• Obtain further funders for BWH project

• Reproductive health guidelines completion and final reviews by committee

  • Acquired additional physician partnerships from the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Acquired co-PIs for the WOMB Health study
  • Anticipate funding for WOMB Health study
  • Start the research, ethics and board approval process